Candye♡Syrup Drink Up In The Brutal MV For “WHITE RUSSIAN”

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Candye♡Syrup drink up in the brutal MV for their track titled WHITE RUSSIAN.

Out June 20th, the track is part of their new EP title WHITE RUSSIAN EP.

It’s time for more Candye♡Syrup and this time they’re headed to PassCode’s territory. Yes, this colorful group is taking a try at electronic post hardcore courtesy of SALTY DOG member KENT and the result is a brutal delight.

Taking place in a warehouse adorned with colorful lights, we get to see the group perform in front of a two member band. The song is named after a drink so not surprisingly several drinks do make an appearance in the bridge of the song, with the members singing about drinking and holding a variety of cups as the song plays.

WHITE RUSSIAN is my favorite song from this group simply because of how catchy the song is. But, for those who need something a bit more brutal you’re in luck. The other two songs in this EP include a “brutal metalcore” track and a “harsh metal” song by a Taiwanese composer.

Hold your drink up and enjoy the MV below because it’s a treat!


candye syrup white russian cover


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