Shuukan Idol – Senbatsu Edition

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In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have the latest MVs from Yanakoto Sotto Mute, UP UP GIRLS, BRATS, and Bear in Mind. We also get the covers for SKE48’s 23rd single, a surprise addition to Juice=Juice, and the results for the 53rd AKB48 senbatsu. That and more in our 8 highlights of the week!


> Yanakoto Sotto Mute rock out in a church for Rubble no Sora

Have you ever rocked out so hard that you got locked in a basement by a nun? Well, that happened to Yanakoto Sotto Mute. Yes, it’s a pretty interesting theme to use but it fits in so well with the song that you can’t help but keep on watching. Enjoy this fun/weird MV above!

> Here are the details for SKE48’s 23rd single Ikinari Punchline

With the release date for SKE48’s latest single fast approaching, it’s perfect time for more details. Thankfully, that’s exactly what we get with the covers and track lists finally being released. Which one is your favorite?

> MEY wear dark capes in the live MV for Shine

@JAM Expo is taking place in August, and to promote the event we’re getting a special unit for idol fans to enjoy: MEY. Their live MV shows off the trio as they perform while wearing dark capes and singing on stage, making for a simple but fun preview of what the group is capable of.

> Bear in Mind are unbearably adorable in the MV for Mirai e no Shunkan

I have a soft spot for idol groups based off of animals. That’s why when I first heard of Bear in Mind I was immediately amused by their pun-filled group name and adorable concept: bear idols. No, not actual bears as idols, but girls hailing from Osaka that wear bear ears as they perform. They’re fairly new, but if you’re into upbeat idol songs this is a group you should not miss!

> AKB48 53rd single Senbatsu results released

AKB48 Senbatsu events are among the most awaited by fans of the AKB48 groups. On this day we get to vote for our favorite members in the hopes of helping them get a starring role in the latest AKB48 single. Well, that day has come and the results are finally in. Make sure to check out the results above!

> Former Country Girls member Inaba Manaka joins Juice=Juice

Inaba Manaka’s asthma almost dashed her dreams of performing on stage. But, in a series of rather interesting events we got the surprising news that she would be joining Juice=Juice. Check out the post above for more info and a look at an adorable video of her meeting the group. Welcome to the group Manaka!

> UP UP GIRLS show off their calligraphy skills in the colorful MV for Watashitachi

Calligraphy is an art. UP UP GIRLS sing to songs that can be considered art for many. So naturally, a combination of the two was expected. Enter Watashitachi, a song that shows off the member’s calligraphy skills as they sing along to the upbeat song. It’s a treat and a sign that this group is still active and ready to show off their skills for fans everywhere.

> BRATS jam out in an abandoned building for their Doudatte Yokatta MV

Nothing says you rock hard more than an MV that takes place in an abandoned building. Thankfully, that’s exactly what BRATS shows us as they rock out to one of their latest tunes. It’s definitely worth a watch!


This week we have Yes Happy! and their video for Love and Peace.

Do you need a chill idol release to wrap up the week? Well you’re in luck because that’s exactly what we get in the latest video from Yes Happy! No, it’s not an MV. It’s actually a video digest of the duo as they hit the road for their latest tour.

The relaxing video showing off scenes of the two members as they do fun stuff like prepare for lives, do sit ups in bed, and smile at the camera. All of this happens as a relaxing song plays in the background, which has a fun summer vibe for everyone to enjoy.

The song is new and is not available for release just yet. But, it’s sure to get fans hyped for the latest single from the group. Grab your luggage and tag along for the road in this fun release!

Love and Peace
Yes Happy!

Don’t want summer to end? Grab a copy of their latest single or another one of their releases below:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!