PINK CRES. Sing From The Rooftops In “Bukiyouna Jibun” and Get Flashy In “Etcetera”

pink cres etcetera

PINK CRES. have released the MVs for Bukiyouna Jibun and Etcetera.

Out June 27th, the tracks are part of a of their 2nd album titled Etcetera.

It’s a great day to be a PINK CRES. fan because we have 2 new MVs to enjoy from their new album.

Bukiyouna Jibun

Kicking us off we have a ballad driven MV for Bukiyouna Jibun where the members sing from the rooftops. It’s a chill release with an electronic ballad playing in the background as the members say their lines. The scenes of them on the rooftops and singing from a variety of rooms gives this release a calm appearance, making it a truly amazing release for fans to enjoy.


Etcetera is a modern take on the J-pop formula, with a flashy stage and back dancers that dance along to every move from the members. Add in a E-girls styled song with English lyrics and some sexy dance moves and the result is an MV that no one should miss.

Both MVs have a different theme but they both show off how powerful the group is. The vocals mix perfectly with the instrumentals, with the MVs giving us a look into the world of PINK CRES.

Make sure to enjoy the MVs above and grab a copy of that album to show your support!

pink cres etcetera cover