Electric Ribbon Take The Cake In The Colorful MV For “COLOR*COLOR”

electric ribbon color

Electric Ribbon take the cake in the colorful MV for COLOR*COLOR.

Out now, the single will be released in 1 edition.

Are you into electronic idol songs with an upbeat sound? Well, you’re in luck. Electric Ribbon have just released the MV for their latest single titled COLOR*COLOR.

Yes, Electric Ribbon are no strangers to the idol world, but their latest release is sure to impress many with their lineup showing off their vocal abilities perfectly. Add in an upbeat electronic instrumental and you have yourself an adorable release that no one should miss.

Need some more convincing? The visuals are sure to draw you in. There’s a kitchen with vibrant colors where all of the members perform, and even a giant cake. Unfortunately most of the budget seems to have gone towards the cake because we don’t get much else, but we do get plenty of green screen scenes which are equally as good.

I’m currently binge watching all of their MVs, so do me a favor and check out the cover, link to grab your copy, and the MV below while I get lost in some idol goodness.

Electric Ribbon

electric ribbon color cover


Electric Ribbon OHP