ONEPIXCEL Sparkle In A Dark Room For “Sparkle”

onepixcel sparkle

ONEPIXCEL sparkle in a dark room for their 2nd major single’ titled Sparkle.

Out August 8th, the single will be released in 1 edition.

ONEPIXCEL are back to delight us all with their latest MV taking place in every idol’s favorite place: empty black void. There, we get to see the group as they dance to the beat of the song as lights flash from the sides. Add in a fun scene of them dancing in a dark white room and you have yourself a simple but impressive MV.

As for the song, it seems like ONEPIXCEL have decided to go the more mature, cool route. The song has a modern sound that combines perfectly with the vocals from each member. At times it does get a bit playful, but for the most part it’s a delightful song to listen to.

Check out the MV below and grab yourself a copy of that single to show your support!


onepixcel sparkle cover