Ogura Yui Hits The Court In The MV For “Love Me x Love Me”

ogura yui eien shonen

Ogura Yui hits the court in the MV for her track titled Love Me x Love Me.

Out July 25th, the track is part of her 9th single titled Eien Shonen.

Ogura Yui is one of those idols I’ve been aware of but never bothered to listen to. Well, that’s changing today since we’re going to be checking out the MVs for her latest single.

Taking place in a court, we get to see Yui as she dances alongside 4 other dancers for her Love Me x Love Me MV. The music is relaxing and complements her soft voice, making for a delightful addition to the video. There’s not much going on apart from a few solo shots but it’s a fun MV that impresses with its use of colors.

Do I wish her singing was a tad louder? Yes, but Yui obviously is showing of a sweeter side that is sure to appeal to many so I’m happy with the MV we got.

Love Me x Love Me
Ogura Yui

Missed the main MV for the single? We sure did. Let’s check it out!

Taking place in a colorful stage surrounded by young fans, we get to see Ogura Yui as she sings along to the ballad with her soft voice. It’s an impressive release, showing off the enthusiasm of the fans as they perform alongside Yui. Yes, it’s a bit on the chill side, but it’s fun seeing the fans stand still as Yui blasts them with a fire extinguisher.

The MV is a pretty solid release when it comes to idol. Cute idol with a sweet singing voice? Check. Fans dancing along to the song? Check. Colorful scenes with only one setting? Check. It’s all you need.

Eien Shonen
Ogura Yui

It’s just a fun release that fans are sure to appreciate and one that definitely will make me check out her next single. But, for now check out the covers below if you plan on getting a copy!

ogura yui eien shonen cover limited


ogura yui eien shonen cover regular


Ogura Yui OHP