EMPiRE Get Artistic For Their “EMPiRE originals” MV

empire originals

EMPiRE get artistic for their EMPiRE originals MV.

Out September 5th, the track is part of their mini-album of the same name.

EMPiRE are not your everyday WACK group. They lean more towards the J-pop side, adding their unique touch to the formula with a sound that is simply hard to beat. Thankfully, we get to appreciate it completely in their latest MV.

In it, we get to see EMPiRE as they sing through a variety of artistic shots. They all play off the theme of being incomplete, with them singing from split photos of themselves, singing in front of a dark fountain, and dancing in a white room. The choreography is superb, and it’s not surprising since BiSH’s AiNA THE END made it to complement the song.

Speaking of the song, it’s amazing. Slow beats combined with powerful vocals help give this release a unique sound that can only be achieved by a BiSH Orchestra inspired melody. It’s by far the most epic of their releases and one that sets the bar high for future songs.

Just, just check it out. Trust me, it’s good.

EMPiRE originals

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empire originals cover 2 cassettes
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