Devil ANTHEM.’s AI. Is Graduating From The Group

devil anthem ai

Devil ANTHEM. has announced that AI. will be graduating from the group.

According to the announcement, AI. decided to leave the group and the entertainment business in order to focus on her studies. She mentioned that she did everything possible to balance her activities as part of the group and studying, but was unable to do so after realizing that she was not dedicating herself fully to either activity.

Her decision to leave appears to be conflicted, with her mentioning how she doesn’t want to leave the group. However, her desire to continue her studies meant that she had to ultimately decide to leave the group.

Her graduation is set for October 8th.

AI.’s decision to leave the group is not surprising. Studying is one of the most important parts of life, and while being an idol might be fun it’s not going to realistically last a lifetime. Yes, her leaving the group is a sad occasion (she was my favorite member), but this is the best choice for her and one that thankfully she is going to focus on.

The notice also mentioned that new members will be recruited, but more details will be released soon. For now, we wish the best to AI. with her studies and we hope that she is able to achieve her dreams in life. Best of luck AI.!