Cent Chihiro Chicchi Sings From The Rooftops In The MV For “Yurouji to Tsuki no Hime”

aina chicchi bish

Cent Chihiro Chicchi sings from the rooftops in the MV for Yurouji to Tsuki no Hime.

Out September 19th, the single will be a double a-side release with Aina The End.

When we got news that Chicchi and Aina would be releasing a double a-side solo release, everyone got excited. A Chicchi and Aina release? Wow! Thankfully, the first MV of that single was released earlier this week and it’s easy to say that this release is a must have for BiSH fans.

In it we get to see as Chicchi sings from the rooftops, dances around with her friend/partner/girl, and generally has a good time. All of the scenes are really mellow which makes for the perfect video to enjoy with the laid back cover of Yurouji to Tsuki no Hime.

There’s not much else to say since the MV is best enjoyed by itself, so make sure to do that below!

Yurouji to Tsuki no Hime
Cent Chihiro Chicchi / BiSH

aina chicchi youji kienaide cover limited


cent chihiro chicchi yurouji tsuki cover
Chicchi Edition


aina the end keinaide cover
AiNA The End Edition



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