NGT48 Endure Minami Kato In The MV For “Kokoro ni Taiyou”

ngt48 sekai no hito e

NGT48 endure Minami Kato in the MV for their 4th single titled Kokoro ni Taiyou.

Out October 3rd, the track is part of their 4th single titled Sekai no Hito e.

Idols have this almost heavenly look of perfection at time, despite being normal girls that simply like to sing and perform on stage. Well, Minami Kato turns that image on its head in the latest NGT48 MV where she completely trolls everyone by being as funny as possible in each shot.

In the MV, we see as the members arrive on set to record their MV. From there it’s a delightful mess as Minami eats too much rice, does weird poses during shots, and generally does awesome things that no other member does. It’s a pretty relaxed release and one that shows off Minami’s personality in a unique way.

As for Kokoro ni Taiyou, it has a pretty unique sound compared to other releases. There’s a slight punk feel to the instrumental, which is a breathe of fresh air from all of the ballads we are used to hearing.

Is Minami awesome? From this MV alone she definitely won me over. Enjoy the MV below!

Haven’t seen the MV for Sekai no Hito e? Check it out here!

Kokoro ni Taiyou

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Type A (CD+DVD)


ngt48 sekai no hito e cover type b
Type B (CD+DVD)


ngt48 sekai no hito e cover type c
Type C (CD+DVD)


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