NGT48 Recreate Scenes From A TV Appearance For Their “Nakibeso Kakumade” MV

ngt48 sekai no hito e cover type c

NGT48 recreate scenes from a TV show for their Nakibeso Kakumade MV.

Out October 3rd, the track is part of NGT48’s 4th single titled Sekai no Hito e.

Sometimes when you’re an idol, reliving the memories of a TV appearance is better than simply watching them alone in a room. Well, that’s what we’ll be enjoying in the latest MV from NGT48 where we see Seiji Reina as she recreates an appearance with comedian group Lotti.

It’s an interesting concept since you’re watching them recreate a TV show but with members instead of comedians. For the most part, the recreated scenes are fairly accurate to what happened in the original show, with a few obvious changes. If you don’t remember what happened you’re in luck since they do play the original scenes right after the recreated ones which is a nice touch.

That being said, the song is fairly relaxing with a folk rock touch. It’s upbeat which is always welcome, although there are parts that are more on the ballad side.

Overall it’s a pretty fun song that goes perfectly with the scenes we see throughout, so make sure to relive the past with this fun MV!

Nakibeso Kakumade
NGT48 / Type C Exclusive

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Type A (CD+DVD)


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Type B (CD+DVD)


ngt48 sekai no hito e cover type c
Type C (CD+DVD)


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