Devil ANTHEM. Announce New Member AKIRA.

devil anthem predianna akira

Devil ANTHEM. have announced the addition of a new member called AKIRA.

With the news that Devil ANTHEM. member AI. would be graduating being revealed out of the blue, fans were anxiously awaiting to find out more about who would be joining the group in her place. Would it be someone completely new to the idol scene? Would we get someone with some experience? Thankfully, we have our answer.

Fans of the recently disbanded group PREDIANNA (disbanded June 24th) probably recognize the member above and with good reason: AKIRA. is a former member of the group. This is exciting news for PREDIANNA fans since we get to enjoy AKIRA.’s singing once again.

She will be making an appearance at the group’s September 30th performance, but will not be performing as part of the group until October 13th. If you’re in the area definitely consider going. For now, welcome to the group AKIRA.!