DEADLIFT LOLITA Beat Up A Villain In The MV For “Hirari ~Ninkyouden~”

deadlift lolita

DEADLIFT LOLITA beat up a villain in the MV for Hirari ~Ninkyouden~.

No one can deny that Ladybeard has one of the most elegant and artistic of voices on the idol scene. But, many only know him for his screaming vocals. Well, it seems like he’s showing off that he’s capable of more in the action packed MV for Hirari ~Ninkyouden~.

In the MV, we get to see the duo as they sing along to the Japanese inspired instrumental and beat up a baddie that kidnapped Ladybeard. It’s an MV packed to the brim with action and drama that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. From the scenes of the two dancing in a warehouse, to the scenes of Ladybeard being rescued, there’s enough action to match the fun beat of the song.

It’s a fun DEADLIFT LOLITA release packed with fighting, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be part of a single release yet. For now, make sure to enjoy it below!

Hirari ~Ninkyouden~