callme Change Name To kolme, Announce 3rd Album

kolme callme

Idol group callme have announced that they will be changing their group name to kolme.

According to the announcement, the move to change the group name was done as a positive sign that they plan on focusing more on overseas performances. The name kolme comes from the Finnish word for the number 3, based off of the amount of members they have. The pronunciation will remain the same as callme.

Along with the renaming, we also got the announcement of a new, currently untitled 3rd album which will be released in 2019. For those who can’t wait until then for new music, you’re in luck! There will be a new song called Why not me which will be dropping on October 29th.

Seeing an idol group take their future activities abroad seriously with a renaming is something we usually don’t see. However, the fact that kolme are thinking ahead is a good sign that fans are in for some amazing performances, wherever they are.

Stay tuned for more details of kolme’s 3rd album!

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