Wa-suta Sing About Their Love Of Meat In The MV For “Taishi o Dake! Girls Be Ambitious!”

wa-suta girls be ambitious

Wa-suta sing about their love of meat in the colorful MV for Taishi o Dake! Galbi (Girls, Be) Ambitious!

Out October 31st, the track is part of a mini-album titled Girls, Be Ambitious.

If you’re into meat, you know that a good dish of yakiniku can be exactly what you need to enjoy with friends. But, no one seems to love yakiniku more than Wa-suta (and Suzuki Airi). Need proof? Well, they recently released an MV where they introduce a wide variety of meat cuts to the beat of an upbeat song.

The MV for Taishi o Dake! Girls Be Ambitious! uses a fun song with upbeat vocals that plays wonderfully with the colorful scenes. The outfits are typical Wa-suta, featuring a wide variety of flashy additions which might be distracting to some. But, those outfits fit in perfectly with the many scenes we see, including temples and a restaurant which are all packed full of color.

The vocals are upbeat and full of energy, but the instrumental is rather unique. Most Wa-suta releases tend to be pretty happy and overly energetic. However, this one has a good amount of instruments, which makes for a rather enjoyable and complex song. It’s exactly what you need to play just before you’re digging into a plate of meat.

Grab your chopsticks and get ready for a fun time with Wa-suta!

Taishi o Dake! Girls Be Ambitious!

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