SUPER☆GiRLS Are Losing 5 Members

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SUPER☆GiRLS have announced that 5 members out of their lineup of 9 will be graduating from the group.

The 5 members that will graduate include all of the remaining 1st generation members and most of the 2nd generation members. These include:

  • Watanabe Hikaru (1st generation)
  • Miyazaki Rina (1st generation)
  • Mizote Ruka (1st generation)
  • Asakawa Nana (2nd generation)
  • Uchimura Risa (2nd generation)

Each one of the members posted a graduation message on the official SUPER☆GiRLS site. Some members mentioned that the move was a restart to the group ahead of their 10th anniversary, with others commenting that they wished to explore other areas of life.

No activities have been announced for these members yet, but they will be detailed at their final performance. Their final performance with SUPER☆GiRLS will be on January 11, 2019 at Zepp Diver City.

SUPER☆GiRLS will release their 20th single Wagamama GiRLS ROAD on November 14th. It’s expected that this single will be the final release with the 5 members.

Those of you who have been following SUPER☆GiRLS might be aware of the graduation back in January where they lost Tanaka Mirei and Shimura Rika. It seems like the group is in for an even rockier finish to the year with this latest bit of news.

There are at least some happy news for fans of the group, since the notice mentioned that auditions are already underway for new members. They will be making their debut on December 19th.

Unfortunately, these graduations come at the worst time for avex’s record label iDOL Street who have lost half their groups and many idols in 2018. GEM disbanded in March and Cheeky Parade followed soon after in July. At the moment, only Wa-suta and SUPER☆GiRLS remain on the label. Is it a sign that we could see more graduations or disbandments within iDOL Street? Time will tell.

For now, we wish the best of luck to the members and hope that SUPER☆GiRLS have a bright future ahead of them!

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