SUPER☆GiRLS Are Losing Two Members

super girls shimura rika tanaka mirei
Shimura Rika (Left), Tanaka Mirei (Right)

SUPER☆GiRLS  are losing two members with the recent graduation announcements of members Tanaka Mirei and Shimura Rika.

The announcement was made at the group’s performance at TOKYO FM HALL. There the two announced their intention to graduate to fans. Tanaka mentioned that it has been 8 years since she joined the group and that she enjoyed every second of that time.

Shimura mentioned how she felt anxious and scared of leaving the place she’s been at for 8 years. But, she has a big dream that makes her surpass that fear and that she is looking forward with gratefulness.

Tanaka Mirei will graduate on March 31st. Shimura Rika will graduate on June 24th, after the finale of the group’s live tour titled SUPER☆GiRLS LIVE TOUR 2018.

A double graduation is fairly uncommon but it seems like Tanaka and Shimura both have big plans they wish to accomplish. After being part of the group for 8 years it also seems like the perfect time for them to find their goal in life and work to accomplish it.

I highly recommend everyone check out their performances if possible before they part ways with the group. For now, best of luck Shimura and Tanaka!