Shuukan Idol – SUSHI PARADE Edition

niji no conquistador

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have MVs from Niji no Conquistador, GANG PARADE, Team Syachihoko, Morning Musume ’18, predia, and more. Add in a duo graduation from SUPER GIRLS and you’ll have our 7 highlights of the week!


> SUPER☆GiRLS are losing two members

Graduations are never fun, and unfortunately it seems like the SUPER GiRLS are about to have two of them in the coming months. Full details for the two graduating members is available in the link below, best of luck!

> Niji no Conquistador run to the battlefield in Shinzou ni Melody

MVs with dark scenes are becoming a thing now among idols. In fact, the latest Nijicon MV is packed full of scenes featuring the members covered in dirt and running with capes. It’s a simple MV but one that is well worth a look because of the cool rock instrumental.

> GANG PARADE eat some sushi in Toroi Kurau ni Tabetai

Are you ready to hear one of the catchiest electronic songs ever? GANG PARADE have released an MV packed full of sushi, drama, and plenty of beats to make you hum all day long. It’s a must see for everyone!

> Team Syachihoko jump with friends in JUMP MAN

Team Syachihoko have colorful MVs and their latest is no different. In it we get to see each member as they sing from different situations, such as being surrounded by friends while jumping or playing go. It’s colorful, packed full of catchy vocals and even some rap lines, their latest MV is well worth a look!

> predia take us to their hotel in Hotel Sunset

Are you a fan of peach, mangoes, bananas, and idols? That’s a very specific list of things to like but you’ll be glad to see that predia’s latest video is packed full of all of that. From idols working in a hotel, to a fairly catchy chorus packed full of fruits, there’s a lot to enjoy in predia’s latest MV.

> Morning Musume ’18 bloom in red for Hana ga Saku Taiyou Abite

Morning Musume is still celebrating their 20th anniversary. But hey, their latest album also features an original song featuring Momusu ’18 and we finally have the MV. If you’re into heavy beats, flowers blooming, and some amazing choreography then you’ll enjoy this MV!

> SCANDAL rock out in Platform Syndrome

MVs where bands jam out are always fun because of the amount of energy that each member puts into their performance. The latest SCANDAL MV is packed full of this energy with the members all performing together for a track from their latest album. Make sure to check it out!

Notable mentions:


This week we have JyuJyu and their MV for Kumo no Ito. Out February 13th, the track will be released as part of their new mini album titled JyuJyu.

Something about a slow and dark song can be very relaxing. For those who want to lay back and relax to some dark idol music you’ll be glad to see that JyuJyu have just the song for you.

In it we get to see the members as they dance along to the slow beat. It’s simple but matches the tone of the song well, making for an outstanding release that fans are sure to enjoy. Check out this dark release below!

Kumo no Ito

Enter the darkness by clicking on the button below and grabbing some of their releases to help support them:


That’s it for this week, we’ll see you in the next one!