Shuukan Idol – Not So Super Edition


In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a wide amount of MVs from DEADLIFT LOLITA, Maneki Kecak, Babyraids JAPAN, and more. There are also some surprise graduations from a group, a name change, and even an addition to Devil ANTHEM. That and more in our 7 highlights of the week!


> SUPER☆GiRLS Are Losing 5 Members

Well, this sucks. Remember how SUPER GiRLS lost 2 members earlier this year? Now it seems like we’re losing 5 other members, including fan favorite Asakawa Nana. Rough times are ahead of us. Check out the link above for more information about the 5 members and future plans for the group. Best of luck to those who are graduating!

> callme Change Name To kolme, Announce 3rd Album

Sometimes you need to freshen things up with a new outfit, or perhaps, a new group name. That’s exactly what callme are doing by renaming themselves to kolme. It’s pronounced the same, but there are some positive reasons why they decided to do this. Read more about it above and cheer on kolme!

> DEADLIFT LOLITA Beat Up A Villain In The MV For Hirari ~Ninkyouden~

Ladybeard has a beautiful, angelic voice. Unfortunately, we don’t get to enjoy it that much since he’s usually screaming through most of his songs. Now, DEADLIFT LOLITA are going folk by adding in some traditional Japanese instruments to their latest release. It’s a treat and there’s some added action in there to enjoy.

> Devil ANTHEM. Announce New Member AKIRA.

PREDIANNA fans were left stunned with the disbandment of the group. Fortunately, it seems like one member is making a return in the form of the latest addition to Devil ANTHEM. Yes! This electronic idol group has recruited AKIRA. to replace AI. who will be graduating from the group soon. Welcome to the group AKIRA!

> NMB48 Say Goodbye To Yamamoto Sayaka In The MV For Bokudatte Naichau yo

Yamamoto Sayaka is among the greatest idols in the AKB48 family and helped define NMB48. However, her decision to graduate left many fans wondering what her final MV would be like. Well, she’s in every single shot of the latest NMB48 MV for Bokudatte Naichau yo. Is that a bad thing? Not at all, Sayaka is the best. In fact, we wish it had more Sayaka in it but we’re not sure Youtube can handle that. Enjoy the MV above!

> Maneki Kecak Do Edgy Stuff In The Upbeat MV For Ariyori no Ari

I’ve been seriously underestimating Maneki Kecak, Their latest MV, however, is exactly what you need to enjoy more of them. Packed to the brim with catchy punk-styled beats, we get to see the members do things that are unspeakable in our humble society. Watch the MV, but promise to not copy what they do because it’s pretty extreme.

> Babyraids JAPAN Say A Final Goodbye In The MV For Yoake Brand New Days

This iconic idol rock group was among the most amazing in recent history. Their music was intense and had a fun sound that everyone could enjoy. Thankfully, they left one final goodbye for fans in the form of an emotional MV. Get ready to cry because this MV is a tough one to watch. We’ll miss you Babyraids JAPAN!

Notable mentions


This week we have TORIENA and her MV for Doping Life. Out October 17th, the track is part of her latest release titled SIXTHSENSE RIOT.

Normally we try and cover lesser known idol groups in our Encore part of the weekly recap. But, since Oyasumi Hologram are about to go on their US tour, we decided to show off the latest MV from one of the supporting acts coming along for the ride: TORIENA.

TORIENA is a surprise in the Japanese music scene. Her music has a chiptune sound combined with a heavy electronic beat which makes for a rather catchy sound to enjoy. Well, she’s taking her catchy beat and combining it with a shirtless muscle dude for one of the most interesting MVs we’ve seen recently.

Want to see a shirtless guy doing circles on a hoverboard while flexing? That’s in there. What about scenes of TORIENA laying on a purple carpet and holding a giant spoon? Yep, included. What about just random shots of food? That’s weird. Also, yes it’s in there.

There’s no story to follow, but the visuals are so weird that they fit in strangely well with the chiptune beat of the song.

Doping Life

Put on your shirt and check out the link below to grab a copy of her releases:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!