Yurumerumo! Do Martial Arts In The Action-Packed MV For “Nebagiba Suiken”

yurumerumo never give up drunk monkeys ep

Yurumerumo! do martial arts in the action-packed MV for Nebagiba Suiken.

Out now, the track is part of their latest EP titled NEVER GIVE UP DRUNK MONKEYS EP.

With an EP name that includes the term DRUNK MONKEYS, it’s not surprising to see that the latest Yurumerumo! MV includes a lot of Chinese martial art influences. In fact, the entire story revolves around helping an office worker as she learns the ins and outs of the secret martial art technique of the drunk monkey.

It’s a colorful release and one that has a variety of story scenes that show off the office worker as she defeats the bad guy. All of this happens as we get to enjoy a song that has a playful beat with a slight Chinese inspiration which makes for a delightful release with the classical Yurumerumo! sound.

If you’re not into stories, you can skip straight to the music by jumping to 2:21. But, this release is definitely one of those fun MVs that fans are sure to enjoy!

Nebagiba Suiken

yurumerumo never give up drunk monkeys ep cover