SUPER☆GiRLS Prepare For A Heist In The MV For “Wagamama GiRLS ROAD”

super girls wagamama road

SUPER☆GiRLS prepare for a heist in the MV for their 20th single titled Wagamama GiRLS ROAD.

Out November 14th, the single will be available in 2 editions.

This will be the last single for 5 members who will be graduating from the group.

If you’re looking for an MV that is packed with intense story and drama, then you’re in the wrong place. But, what we do get instead are fun and colorful scenes of the members as they dance in formation to a light but relaxed song.

Yes, it’s not the most complicated of MVs but it’s a relief to see that there are a few scenes of them preparing for a bank heist so there is some epicness to enjoy in the full MV.

It’s bittersweet knowing that 5 of the members will be leaving the lineup, but it’s great that they got a nice song to go out with. Check out the singles below and grab a copy to show your support!

Wagamama GiRLS ROAD