i☆Ris read books in the MV for “Endless Notes”

iris endless notes

i☆Ris read books in the MV for their 17th single titled Endless Notes.

Out February 13th, the single will be released in 3 editions.

i☆Ris are among the most interesting idol groups if you’re an anime fan. They’ve been in charge of several memorable songs and their latest release is promising to be equally as good.

Taking place in a white void, we get to see the members as they slowly dance to the beat of the calm release. The ballad might be a bit of a disappointment to those who like more upbeat releases, but it works well to show off the vocals of each member. Add in some scenes of the members walking around with books and you have an inspirational release for fans to enjoy.

Since this release is tied to an anime and it’s part of avex it’s not available to purchase on CDJapan. If you find it by chance in a store (or on a website, I’m not judging you) make sure to grab a copy of it to enjoy on the go!

Endless Notes

iris endless notes cover limited

iris endless notes cover limited anime
Limited (Anime Ver.)

iris endless notes cover regular