SUPER☆GiRLS show off their 7 new members, MV for “CongraCHUlation!!!!”

super girls congrachulation

SUPER☆GiRLS show off their 7 new members and party with balloons in the MV for their 21st single titled CongraCHUlation!!!!

Out February 27th, the single will be released in Type A, B, C, D, and O (mu-mo).

After losing 5 members, it seemed like SUPER☆GiRLS were in a bit of trouble. They would basically be rebooting with an all new lineup and many older fans were pretty concerned with the change. Well, we finally have a chance to enjoy their new MV and it seems like we’re in good hands with the new lineup.

Kicking us off, we get to see a pretty standard MV with a mix of scenes showing the members as they dance out in a yard and play with balloons. It’s a simple setting but one that works perfectly to show off the new members. You can tell that they’re pretty nervous at times but the fact that they were singing with a smile is nice to see.

So, how about that song? CongraCHUlation!!!! is an upbeat release with a rather funky feel to it. The vocals of the members sound perfect in unison, but the instrumental has a bit of an empty feel at times. Maybe it’s an extra instrument that was missing? Maybe a bit more energy? I’m not sure, but something more could have helped.

Despite those small quirks it’s a pretty decent debut. SUPER☆GiRLS have gone through a BIG change and losing many popular members definitely hurt. But, the new members seem to be doing their best which is always appreciated.

For now, make sure to check out the MV below and grab a copy of their single if you’re into the release!


super girls congrachulation cover type a
Type A


super girls congrachulation cover type b
Type B


super girls congrachulation cover type c
Type C


super girls congrachulation cover type d
Type D