TEAM SHACHI beat up a camera in the MV for “ROSE FIGHTERS”

team shachi idol group

TEAM SHACHI beat up a camera in the MV for their track titled ROSE FIGHTERS.

Out February 13th, the track is part of their upcoming mini-album titled TEAM SHACHI.

TEAM SHACHI are an adorable group of idols who are great at making songs packed full of energy. Well, they’re stepping it up a notch for their latest MV by beating up the camera. Yes, throughout the MV we get to experience the joy of being beat up by TEAM SHACHI.

It’s certainly a unique theme and one that manages to stand out from the typical idol formula of “smile at the camera and do cute stuff”. There is an additional scene thrown in where the members dance in front of a band, but the end of the MV is truly unique. Instead of smiling at the camera we get to see the members bleed from their noses from fighting too much.

As for the song, it’s packed full of energy. The trumpets and other horn instruments add in a unique touch as the members sing along to the beat of the music. It’s hard to describe the song but it’s certainly an energetic and powerful release that fans are sure to adore.

TEAM SHACHI are doing an amazing job of showing off their new theme and the latest MV is a must see for fans. Make sure to check it out below!


team shachi mini album cover limited
Limited – super tough Edition


team shachi mini album cover type a
Type A – strong energy Edition


team shachi mini album cover type b
Type B – positive exciting soul Edition