[Shuukan Idol] So Much Idol, and More

BiSH Killer Album

This week was incredibly busy, with idol groups announcing new releases left and right. Thankfully, we have caught up and have narrowed down the 16 posts from this week into a top 6 highlights list.

Despite that, I highly encourage you to check out all the news we put out this week so you can stay up to date since there are just so many amazing releases coming in the next few months.


New BiS lineup has been announced

BiS are the group that got me back into idol music, and the fact that they are reforming with a new lineup is nothing short of amazing. I’ve gathered all the info available in one post so make sure to check it out and see the new group!

Tsubaki Factory will major debut next year

Tsubaki Factory are one of those interesting idol groups that has potential and released solid singles since their debut. Thankfully Tsunku (or the H!P overlords) have taken notice and they are finally getting a major debut, congrats!

Momoiro Clover Z participate in a challenge for their The Golden History

Dance shots, solo singing shots, etc. Idol MVs tend to all look the same after a while. Thankfully, Momoiro Clover Z have released a clever and entertaining MV for everyone to enjoy from their upcoming single.

Babyraids JAPAN project themselves in the MV for Cinderella Jairarenai

Babyraids JAPAN have just released a catchy, electronic rock MV for their latest album Nippon Chu! Chu! Chu! that is well worth a look. It’s epic!

callme announce their 2nd album

callme are one of those groups that have slowly grown on me. With their mature style and their self-made group theme, they have finally announced the release of a new album.

BiSH Announce New Album KiLLER BiSH, Released A Month Early

BiSH are one of my favorite groups in the idol scene (alongside Morning Musume) because of their catchy, edgy sound. With the addition of a new member comes the announcement of a new release, which surprisingly was released a month early.

The album was on sale for 300 Yen alongside their other albums for only 24 hours so if you were lucky enough you are probably enjoying their entire discography for under the price of a Chipotle meal right now.


This week might have been busy, but in between the announcement of new BiS members and BiSH releases we also have a new release from a former member of BiS.

Tentenko (one of my favorite members of BiS alongside Michibayashi Rio) has released her new single Houkago Symphathy, which features her unique blend of sounds to form catchy tracks with a retro feel.

I highly recommend you pick it up since it’s catchy and has a fun retro feel that is sure to please fans of the electronic genre.

Click here to get it on the Japanese iTunes

That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the (hopefully more calm) next one!