[UPDATED] Tsubaki Factory Announce Major Debut

Tsubaki Factory Major Debut

Updated: The single will be released on February 22nd (Tsubaki no Tsu Tsu Tsu Day) as a triple a-side single. 

Tsubaki Factory have announced their major debut on January 2017.

The announcement was done at the group’s recent recital performance by Shimizu Saki.

With the addition of three new members, as well as a variety of successful singles and performances, it seems like the perfect time for this idol group to make their major debut.

Personally, I believe they have the potential to become one of H!P’s strongest groups. With the pending breakup of C-ute and the past hiatus of Berryz Koubou it seems like perfect timing to get some new talent in with a major label amount of promotion.

We will most likely see a single at the beginning of the year to accompany their debut so stay tuned for details.

Congratulations Tsubaki Factory, what a way to start a year!

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