Shuukan Idol – Welcoming Edition (January 7 – 13)

first summer uika

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have our traditional handful of MVs from TEAM SHACHI, SUPER GiRLS, kolme, and Pimm’s. But, we also have a few disappointing news including the disbandment of two groups. That and more in our 7 highlights of the week!


> TEAM SHACHI beat up a camera in the MV for ROSE FIGHTERS

TEAM SHACHI are the definition of energetic. They are just so full of energy that they end up using all of that energy to beat up a camera. It’s a weird concept but one that works pretty well to show off just how getting beat up by an idol looks. If you ever wanted to know how that feels, well, get ready for it.

> SUPER☆GiRLS show off their 7 new members, MV for CongraCHUlation!!!!

The SUPER GiRLS have been through a lot, having recently lost 5 members from their own lineup. Things seem to be looking up though, after they got 7 new members which debuted in this colorful single. It’s pretty standard, but if you’re into balloons you’ll feel right at home since this MV is packed full of them.

> NECRONOMIDOL adds 2 new members

We were reminded why being an idol fan can be difficult when Sari and Hina announced that they would be departing from NECRONOMIDOL. Well, 2 new members have joined to take their place and so far they seem like pretty good additions. Full details are available in the post above, welcome Michelle and Kunogi!

> kolme jam out in an apartment for their The Liar / Tie me down / Why not me MVs

kolme are among the most talented self-produced J-pop group I’ve seen. This time, they’re showing off their talent by releasing 3 digital singles and 3 MVs. Yes, the 3 MVs take place in the same setting, but the way they show off the different songs with different themes is simply brilliant. Highly recommended if you haven’t heard them before!

> Pimm’s rock out in a van for their “Kimi to Boku” MV

Nothing tickles my idol-rock-loving heart more than a song that’s packed full of energy and guitars. Well, it seems like the girls from Pimm’s have done it once again by releasing a song that is so catchy that it will make you jump up and down. It takes place in an incredibly small camper van, but it’s well worth a watch.

> HAMIDASYSTEM is disbanding and reforming with a new lineup

Graduations suck, but an awesome idol group disbanding is pretty heartbreaking for fans. Unfortunately, it seems like HAMIDASYSTEM has decided to disband … in a way. The current lineup will leave but it seems like a new lineup is already in the works. It’s sure to cause mixed feelings in fans. Full details above!

> THERE THERE THERES are gone gone gone

If you thought the disbandments were over, well … sit down. THERE THERE THERES are announcing that they will also be splitting up. It’s similar to the story above but compared to HAMIDASYSTEM the THERE THERE THERES are done. There is some hope for fans though, since most of the members will be involved in a new project.

Notable mentions


This week we have Happippi and their MV for Shuriken do Mannaka.

Being fairly new to Happippi I didn’t know what to expect from this festival themed idol group. After having had a chance to see this MV, I have to admit that they are pretty underrated and well worth keeping an eye on.

Taking place in an old fashioned Japanese setting, we get to see the members as they do a variety of ninja stunts in order to win the heart of a guy wearing a mask. From hiding behind sheets of paper, to making duplicates, and launching shurikens, this MV is packed to the brim with traditional Japan.

As they fight their way through the MV, we get to enjoy a song that has a traditional styled instrumental with a relatively upbeat feel. It’s pretty “meh” at times but it does have its moments as the members deliver their lyrics with a smile.

We’ve seen other idol groups do this theme many times before but Happippi manage to stand out with their unique sound. It’s not as finely tuned as other big budget groups, but it does feel more natural.

The song doesn’t appear to be tied to a physical release, so make sure to check out the MV, give it a like (a subscribe if you’re into them) and enjoy the latest and greatest from Happippi!

Shuriken do Mannaka

That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!