UP UP GIRLS dance in front of a green screen for their “Agenomics!!” MV

up up girls

UP UP GIRLS dance in front of a green screen in the MV for Agenomics!!

Out February 19th, the single will be a triple a-side release alongside Kimi Loss / Aso Ranbu.

Sometime’s idol groups want to channel their unique editing skills to show off an MV that takes your breathe away. Well, Agenomics!! is one of those MVs since it’s packed full of the most random of scenes possible.

In my mind, someone was given 500 Yen as budget for this MV and they decided to buy as many stock video scenes as they could. You can imagine what happens next with random scenes of Japanese streets popping up as the members all dance excitedly to the beat of the energetic song.

It’s a unique release, that’s for sure. But, that’s why we love UP UP GIRLS since they’re able to pull out the most random of themes for their releases.

This MV is highly recommended so make sure to check it out!


Check out UP UP GIRLS on CDJapan below




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