CY8ER haunt Rinahamu in the afterlife for their “Dead Boy, Dead Girl” MV

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CY8ER haunt Rinahamu in the afterlife in the MV for Dead Boy, Dead Girl.

Out February 26th, the single will be released in 1 edition.

Dead Boy, Dead Girl is part of a 3-month consecutive single project with lyrics and music by Yunomi.

Death is a scary thing for many, but somehow CY8ER found a way to work it into their latest single release. In it we get to see Rina Hamu as she lays on her death bed and is surrounded by her fellow members wearing white outfits and kitsune masks.

The rest of the MV has a rather trippy look with scenes featuring a group of people wearing the same outfits walking through the streets, and other glitchy effects thrown in as Rinahamu apparently has one of the most extreme dreams ever. It’s a bit of a mess at times but it works in a way that matches the beat of the song.

Speaking of the song, Dead Boy, Dead Girl is a unique one. It has a rather soft sound during the singing parts, but the instrumental has a trap hop feel to it, which may appeal to some and turn off others. Yes, it’s a decent song but I tend to prefer the more poppier releases from CY8ER.

Get ready to visit the afterlife with Rinahamu below!

Dead Boy, Dead Girl

cy8er dead boy dead girl cover