Shuukan Idol – Random Weekend Edition (February 18 – 24)

nemoto nagi pingu

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a densely packed weekend of news (I’m working on posting more throughout the week). We get a ton of MVs from groups such as UP UP GIRLS, PiiiiiiiN, CY8ER, SILENT SIREN, and more to enjoy in our 7 highlights of the week!


> CY8ER haunt Rinahamu in the afterlife for their Dead Boy, Dead Girl MV

CY8ER have enchanted fans with their cute electronic songs for a long time, but their latest release takes fans into a darker world. In it we see Rinahamu on her death bed with the members singing along to a more beat-heavy song. It’s a colorful release, and one that shows off just how versatile the group is. Also, it shows off just how creepy a group of people wearing kitsune masks can be.

> PiiiiiiiN jump their way through school in the energetic MV for Jumping

Do you feel like you don’t have energy? Are you a bit too sleepy and want to feel re-energized? Well, the latest PiiiiiiiN MV is the thing you need to feel energetic. It’s by far one of the most exciting MVs I’ve seen all week, packing in a school theme and a song that will keep you humming for hours. Highly recommended!

> Maneki Kecak visit Kyoto for a school trip in the relaxing MV for Itsuka Dokoka de

Did that MV above energize you a bit too much? No worries, Maneki Kecak have a chill MV for you to enjoy. In it we get to see them as they go around Kyoto, taking pictures, and generally having a great time together while wearing school uniforms. It’s relaxing and worth a watch if you’re tired of lo-fi hip hop streams.

> SILENT SIREN go vaporwave in the colorful MV for Koi no Esper

SILENT SIREN have always been known for their pop rock music. But, this time they’re showing off their talent with instruments by releasing an energetic rock song. It’s an awesome song, but the MV is truly the gem of this release. It’s all over the place, just the way we like it.

> College Cosmos go purple for Kigou Nanka Janai Watashitachi wa and dance in an office building for “Yume wa Iijiwaru

College Cosmos, sometimes known as “that one group with Yamaki Risa”, has been showing the world that they are pretty talented when it comes to this idol thing. If you weren’t convinced you’ll be glad to see that they have released 2 MVs which show off their singing abilities in two unique locations. College Cosmos are a treat, so enjoy the MVs above!

> Oomori Seiko and Michishige Sayumi swim in a sea of cuteness in the MV for Zettai Kanojo

Michishige “Usa-chan Peace” Sayumi is known to many as one of the most adorable idols ever. So, the news that she would be collaborating with Oomori Seiko came to the surprise and delight of many fans. We’d get to enjoy Oomori Seiko’s unique music with a dash of Sayu, that is pretty awesome. The result is a delightfully random video with an added bonus in the middle of the MV, check it out above!

> UP UP GIRLS dance in front of a green screen for their Agenomics!! MV

A green screen can mean two things: we’re getting an MV that’s cheap or we’re getting an MV that’s amazingly creative. Thankfully, in this situation we’re getting creative with an MV jam packed to the brim with random scenes and fun beats that are sure to make you want to sing along.

Notable mentions


This week we have N Zero and their MV for their 12th single titled Tokimeki♡destiny which will be released on February 27th.

I’ll admit, I haven’t heard of N Zero in the idol world but what I can see in their MV below is traditional idol at its best. The MV is delightfully low budget, with a series of small colorful settings that show off the members as they perform and pose to the beat of the upbeat song.

There are scenes of the members making some sandwiches for one of the member’s crushes, which will make you feel the love and/or feel hungry. Add in some shots of the members wearing casual clothes and you’ll have a good idea what to expect for this MV.

Yes, it’s not the flashiest of MVs, but going back to the roots of idol music is a breathe of fresh air when you see a lot of fancy video effects. The song is amazingly adorable and the dance moves are the same, making for an MV that fans are sure to adore. Enjoy it below!

N Zero

Grab your sandwiches and head below to grab a copy of their latest single:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!