CY8ER sing in a dreamy, abandoned house for their “Time Trip” MV

cy8er vip

CY8ER sing in a dreamy, abandoned house in the MV for Time Trip.

Out March 26th, the single is the 2nd part of their 3 month single release.

CY8ER showed off a rather dark MV for Dead Boy, Dead Girl the last time we saw them. It was a unique approach to the CY8ER formula, but their MV for Time Trip is taking us back to their roots.

In it, we see CY8ER as they sing around a variety of rooms in an abandoned house. Each scene has a dreamy feel to it, with Pochi’s initial line setting the tone for the rest of the MV as the members all pose and softly dance to the beat of the song. From there, the members go out in the streets and dance in a giant open room in the house.

It’s a relaxing MV and one that matches the feel of what Rinahamu and gang are known for after becoming CY8ER. They’ve managed to release a pretty nice single that works well to contrast the one for their Dead Boy, Dead Girl single.

So, with 1 single left in this “3 month special release”, what can we expect to see? CY8ER are sure to surprise us, but for now check out the MV below and grab a copy of that single!

Time Trip

cy8er time trip