Kamiyado dance in a temple for their upbeat “Ohikaenasutte Kamiyado de Gozaru” MV

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Kamiyado dance in a temple for their upbeat Ohikaenasutte Kamiyado de Gozaru MV.

Sometimes you have to put aside the high-budget MVs and relax with something a bit more simple and fun. Well, Kamiyado are proud to fill in that need. Nothing shows that off like an MV packed with colorful and fun scenes as the members jam out in a temple.

It’s a pretty lighthearted release, showing off the members as they dance around in a variety of scenes. Add in some extremely weird scenes here and there and a random old guy dancing in a golden outfit and you have yourself a fun MV that will brighten up your day.

Ohikaenasutte Kamiyado de Gozaru doesn’t seem to be part of any single for now, but I expect to see it in some kind of future release. For now, get ready to jam out with Kamiyado in their latest MV!

Ohikaenasutte Kamiyado de Gozaru

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