Devil ANTHEM. jam out with gas masks in the monochrome MV for “Fake Factor”

devil anthem fake factor

Devil ANTHEM. jam out with gas masks in the monochrome MV for Fake Factor.

Out March 27th, the track is part of their 2nd album will be released in one edition.

For those who might not be aware of Devil ANTHEM., they’re an idol group that mainly focuses on EDM music. With their latest single they are taking a step back and combining more of a rock touch into their style to make a sound that feels like a mature take on the Devil ANTHEM. formula.

The MV for Fake Factor is monochrome and features a variety of unique camera effects to give us a release that is pretty stunning compared to other Devil ANTHEM. videos. It’s fast paced, showing us a variety of unique looks as the members dance and sing to the beat of the guitar-packed song.

There’s a touch of electronic here and there, but this seems to lean heavily into the mature side which makes sense since the members are no longer the kids they were before. It’s refreshing to see the sound mature a bit since they’re honestly a talented bunch of idols that deserve a bit more recognition.

So, if you’re new to Devil ANTHEM. check out this release first to get a taste of what they’re capable of. You won’t regret it!

Fake Factor

devil anthem fake factor cover