Task have Fun hit the streets in the funky MV for “In The Beautiful Day”

task have fun beautiful day

Task have Fun hit the streets in the funky MV for the 10th single titled In the Beautiful Day.

Out March 28th, the single will be released in 1 edition.

Nothing says having fun like hitting the streets with your friends as a funky idol song plays in the background. Sure, not many of us have friends who would be willing to do that but hey, at least we can enjoy that in the latest Task have Fun MV.

In it, we get to see as the members go around at night and sing along to the funky song as they walk towards a camera. It’s a simple theme, but one that also has some scenes of the members dancing in their colorful outfits in a brightly lit shopping center. This gives it a nice amount of variety without leaning too heavily into the street shots.

It’s pretty well made overall, with the night scenes have just enough light to look professional while still giving it a bit of a casual look. Some might have liked a more brightly lit setting, but you can’t deny that a group of people looking as them as they run in circles and then walking away is pretty funny.

It’s a relaxing video and one that makes you forget the troubles of the world as you funk out. Make sure to check it out below (stick until the end for a funny scene) and grab a copy of the single to show your support!

In The Beautiful Day
Task have Fun

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