BRATS rock out in Korea in the live MV for “Unfair”

BRATS 2018

BRATS rock out in Korea in the live MV for Unfair.

Out since July 2018, the track is part of their debut album BRATS.

It has been a while since we last heard of BRATS, but no need to worry, it seems like they’re still rocking out. If you needed some evidence of this, look no further than their latest MV which shows off some scenes of them during their time in Korea.

It’s a unique look at their lives and also one that packs in a few fun scenes of the members as they walk around the city and explore a bit. It’s a chill release, with the song being heavy but packed with vocals that are a bit more calm compared to their other songs.

It’s a chill release for fans and one that reassures them that yes, they did release that album last year. All kidding aside, check out the MV and make sure to grab a copy of their debut album if you haven’t already!


brats self titled album cover limited


brats self titled album cover regular