UP UP GIRLS (2) ride a bus together in the sweet MV for “We are Winner!”

up up girls 2

UP UP GIRLS (2) ride a bus together in the sweet MV for their 6th single titled We are Winner!

Out April 2nd, the single is a double a-side release alongside Starting Over.

It doesn’t matter that the new UUG (2) members Morinaga Niina, Niikura Ami, and Shimazaki Yuria have barely joined the group, we’re already getting an MV where we get to enjoy their singing and dancing. So, is this a worthy debut for the new UUG (2) members?

Absolutely! In fact, it might be the most adorable MV ever released by the group since it manages to fit in scenes of the members singing together in a bus, reading letters from their parents, and dancing in a white studio all into one. The letter scenes especially are touching since some members cry, adding to the feel of the MV.

As you might have noticed by the giant red lettering on the thumbnail, prized H!P idol composer Tsunku had a hand in this song and you can tell. The beats and vocals are among the best, having a nostalgic feel to them. Sure, it’s a bit too relaxing at times but it honestly works to make this release a solid debut for the new members.

Give this MV a watch and stick around until the end for an adorable scene where a member gets confused by the kanji in the letter. Also, why not grab that debut single? It’s sure to be a worthy addition for any UUG fan’s collection.

We are Winner!

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