Shuukan Idol – Ride the bus Edition (March 18 – 24)

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In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a ton of MVs from groups such as Up Up Girls (2), BRATS, Task have Fun, ANGERME, SCANDAL, and BiS. Add in an overseas performance by a cat idol group and you have our 7 highlights of the week!


> UP UP GIRLS (2) ride a bus together in the sweet MV for We are Winner!

Something about adorable MVs just makes me smile. Like the latest UUG (2) MV which manages to show off the new members in a pleasant bus ride, dancing in a white void, and reading some touching letters. It’s a bit of everything, so give it a watch to see just how the new members turned out!

> BRATS rock out in Korea in the live MV for Unfair

Live MVs are rather boring at times, but it’s been some time since we last heard of BRATS so anything is great at this point. Surprisingly, it’s a rather nice release, showing off just how energetic one of their lives gets. Also, it does remind us that BRATS did have a debut album last year, so if you haven’t gotten that you probably should.

> Task have Fun hit the streets in the funky MV for In The Beautiful Day

Funky idol music is hard to find nowadays, but Task have Fun are here to fulfill that need. Wait, you need more? How about a series of scenes where the members dance in public while they sing to a guy carrying a camera? All kidding aside, it’s a nice song and one that is well worth watching because of how fun it is.

> Tokimeki♡Sendenbu prepare for a school performance in the MV for Tokimeki♡Sendenbu no VICTORY STORY

I’m not sure, but I think that idol groups are expected to release a school themed MV at least once in their career. Well, it seems like Tokimeki (insert heart here) Sendenbu are knocking this one out in honor of their debut on Avex. It’s a standard MV but the song is truly awesome. Enjoy it above!

> ANGERME say goodbye to Wada Ayaka in the MV for Yumemita Fifteen

Wada Ayaka is about to leave the group, but you can’t have the last remaining founding member of the group leave without a proper send off. Fun facts: Fukuda Kanon wrote the lyrics and the title of the song is a tribute to her 15 years in H!P and a throwback to Yumemiru Fifteen, a S/mileage song. The more you know.

> SCANDAL jam out in the colorful MV for Masterpiece

SCANDAL have been around for a while and their releases tend to be truly stellar. Their latest MV is no exception since we get to enjoy a rather heavy song with a ton of colors throughout each scene. It’s simple, but you can’t deny that SCANDAL are truly among the best in their category.

> BiS work at a factory and ride a tank in the long MV for Are you ready?

If you thought that BiS are done with the interesting approaches to idol music, well, you’re in for something else. The latest single contains a song that clocks in at 11 minutes. It’s a big release, and as a result the MV we get is epic. Sit back and get comfy because this MV is going to be a long one!

Notable mentions


This week we have Zettai Chokkyuu Joshi! Playballs and their MV for Mr. Green Light. Out March 29th, the track is part of their latest album of the same name.

It’s been a while since we last heard from our favorite baseball themed idol group Playballs. Well, that’s about to change with a 4K UltraHD MV (their words, not mine) that was just released from this interesting group.

In it, we get to see the Playballs as they all board a white van. Normally when an unmarked white van approaches you, you’re supposed to run away. But, the Playballs instead hop in and have a series of adventures throughout the day. They drive down to the beach, to a baseball field, and generally have a good time.

It’s a fun release and one that is made even better by the song that has a slight pop punk feel to it with a fast beat. It’s certainly one of the better songs I’ve heard in the past week and one I highly recommend for fans of fast paced songs.

Mr. Green Light

Run away from the unmarked white van and click the link below instead to grab a copy of the latest Playballs single or listen to it on Apple Music:

CDJapan itunes apple music

That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!