=LOVE run after Nagisa in the emotional MV for “Sagase Diamond Lily”

equal love sagase diamond lily

=LOVE run after Nagisa in the emotional MV for their 5th single titled Sagase Diamond Lily.

Out April 24th, the single will be released in 3 types.

Story MVs are a nice way to weave in the song with a touching moment. Well, =LOVE’s latest MV shares a story about how Nagisa ends up leaving a school and moving away.

It’s a touching story full of pendants with flowers, idols getting into a surprisingly worn van, and a series of shots of the members wearing glasses and posing throughout a school. Each shot is a bit on the calmer side but you have to give credit for how professional and dramatic each scene looks.

There are some dance shots thrown in there which are stunning, packing in an endless rain of flower petals as the members dance. But, I’d have to say that my favorite scene is the one with the teacher being surprisingly chill with the idea of all of her students running out of class. She either hates her job or is very sweet, either or.

So, how about the sound of Sagase Diamond Lily? It’s honestly among the best spring releases I’ve heard in some time. The beat of the song plays nicely with the image of the group and has a nice ballad feel throughout. The vocals are especially impressive, showing off just how well this group has managed to grow since their debut.

If you’re looking for pure music, skip to 0:51. Keep in mind that the music does fade in and out at times a the story plays so you’ll have to grab a copy of the single to enjoy the song to its fullest. For now, give the MV below a watch!

Sagase Diamond Lily

equal love sagase diamond lily cover type a
Type A


equal love sagase diamond lily cover type b
Type B


equal love sagase diamond lily cover type c
Type C


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