Toricago lay in bed together in the dark MV for “Kuchibashi” MV


Toricago lay in bed together in the dark MV for Kuchibashi.

Toricago are a group we don’t get to talk about much on this site. Thankfully, they’ve just released an impressive MV that shows off their musical talent in …. an interesting way.

Most MVs focus on cuteness but Toricago are going straight for adult appeal by showing off the members laying in bed while wearing lacy lingerie. It’s a scene that comes out of nowhere but one that fits in surprisingly well with the mature rock sound we get to listen to in the song.

There are also a handful of scenes of the members going around town while running as well, which are a bit out of the blue. The scenes are all dark and a bit grim, which fit in well with the scenes of the members laying in bed. The added bonus is that the city scenes add a nice amount of variety and action to match the beat of the drums and guitar.

There don’t appear to be any links to grab a copy of this song, but make sure to visit the video below and give it a like to show your support!


Check out Toricago on iTunes and Apple Music below

itunes apple music

Toricago OHP


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