Run Girls, Run! run a lot in the cheery MV for “Diamond Smile”

run girls run diamond smile

Run Girls, Run! run a lot in the cheery MV for their latest single titled Diamond Smile.

Out May 29th, the single will be released in 2 editions: CD+Blu-ray and CD-only.

Diamond Smile will be used as the OP theme song for the anime Kiratto Puri☆chan.

With a name like Run, Girls Run! I would expect to see the members run a lot in their MVs. Well, in a turn of luck we’re getting an MV packed with scenes of Run Girls, Run! as they workout in a variety of cute ways.

It’s an incredibly happy MV, with the song Diamond Smile having the typical idol sound we know and love. The cheery instrumental works perfectly as the members run on treadmills, lift weights, and do other activities. Add in a variety of funny expressions and situations and you have yourself a solid MV to enjoy from this adorable group.

The single doesn’t appear to be available through CDJapan, but make sure to visit the video and give it a like to show your support. Grab your workout gear and get ready to hit the gym with Run Girls, Run! below!

Diamond Smile
Run Girls, Run!

run girls run diamond smile cover limited
Limited (CD+Blu-ray)


run girls run diamond smile cover regular
Regular (CD-only)

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