Pimm’s rock out with a cow in the intense MV for “Moo!”

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Pimm’s rock out with a cow in the intense MV for Moo!

Out April 24th, the single is available digitally on iTunes and Apple Music.

After going camping in the MV Kimi to Boku, Pimm’s are back to rock our ears off with an interesting MV packed with cows. Cows are the last thing I would expect to see in an MV with an intense song, but somehow Pimm’s made it work.

Unfortunately, the amount of cows in the MV is a bit on the low side, with the fans in the crowd wearing outfits while a cow mascot shows up in a handful of scenes. But, that’s completely fine since the focus is completely on Pimm’s as they perform in front of a flashing screen.

The true jewel of this release is the intense song we get to listen. Moo! has vibrant electronic beats that combine perfectly with the fast-paced guitars and drums. Add in some rapping vocals from Saya and you have yourself a delightful song that will keep you rocking all day long.

This is among the best songs I’ve heard this week and a sign that Pimm’s are on a roll. Get ready for some cow partying action and check out the intense MV below!


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