CY8ER revisit the past in the relaxing MV for “Sayonara Flashback”

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CY8ER revisit the past in the relaxing MV for Sayonara Flashback.

Out now, the track is part of their single titled Summer.

After partying the day away in the MV for Summer, CY8ER are taking it easy for their latest release. Instead of the flashy scenes of them in a boat, we’re instead getting an MV packed to the brim with scenes from past MVs and lives.

Some might not be too into that, but it works surprisingly well with the relaxing tone of the song. Sayonara Flashback is b-side material but it works perfectly to show off the singing abilities of the members as scenes of them flash before our eyes.

There’s not much else to say, but make sure to grab a copy or listen to CY8ER’s latest single Summer!

Sayonara Flashback

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