Shuukan Idol – Poppin’ Bottles Edition (April 15 – 21)


In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a handful of MVs from SILENT SIREN, LADYBABY, Kobushi Factory, CY8ER, and kolme. Pack in a not-surprising graduation from NGT48 and you have our 7 highlights of the week!


> SILENT SIREN jam out with Poppin’ Party in the collaboration MVs for NO GIRL NO CRY

Something I love is seeing established groups collaborate with other groups. Well, SILENT SIREN partnered up with a group that some might not be aware of: Poppin’ Party. The MV might be incredibly short but you can’t help but get into the song since it has a touch of SILENT SIREN mixed in with Poppin’ Party.

> Yamaguchi Maho is leaving NGT48

This is not surprising at all. Yamaguchi Maho has stuck to NGT48 for some time now, but we finally get the news that she will be leaving the group along with a couple of her friends who support her. It’s a bittersweet end to her idol career, but one that we hope does not affect her any longer. Enjoy your new freedom Maho!

> LADYBABY get intense in the MV for Haten ni Raimei

LADYBABY have been edging their way into the heavier side for some time now, and their latest song may be among their best. We get a song packed full of screaming vocals, rapping, and even a band in the background. What else do you need?

> NECRONOMIDOL are headed to Europe for a tour

NECRONOMIDOL are among the best for their unique, dark music. Good news European fans, they’re bringing their dark music over to Europe this July for what is promising to be a unique tour. Grab your tickets now and enjoy the new lineup in person!

> Kobushi Factory get frustrated with colorful cutouts in the MV for Oh No Ounou

Kobushi Factory had a chance to stun us with their cherry blossom packed MV for Haru Urara. Now, they’re completing their latest single with a rather light-hearted song that packs in frustration with a cutout theme. It’s pretty fun and upbeat, so enjoy it above!

> CY8ER party on a boat for their Summer MV

CY8ER are among my favorite groups because of how they pack in an adorable sound to the tune of an electronic song. Their latest single has them on a boat popping some bottle to the beat of a summer tune. It’s relaxing and focuses more on having fun, which is a refreshing change.

> kolme spend a day out in town for their Brand new days MV

kolme are a bit of a revolution in the music world, and their latest release is among their best. They take a modern approach to the kolme formula and show off a unique song that is sure to surprise fans. They even include some slow-motion scenes of them exploring a French town. That’s all you need in life.


This week we have HimeKyunFruitCan and their MV for Tsubomi no Sakura. Out since March 21st, it’s part of their latest album titled NUMBER30.

HimeKyunFruitCan are an interesting group we’ve had a chance to talk about in the past. Their songs are an interesting mix of rock with idol, putting them in the altertnative field. But, this time we’re stepping away from the harsh guitars for a more calmer release.

As the title states, we’re in for an MV that packs in cherry blossoms into each scene. Naturally, this MV is beautiful, with the trees sprouting beautiful flowers as the MV plays. It’s pretty varied too, with each scene having a sense of uniqueness as the members go from cherry blossoms to scenes near the ocean.

A beautiful MV deserves a beautiful song and that’s exactly what we get here with a slow ballad. Each line has a beautiful touch to it, making for a treat that’s sure to please fans of the group and newcomers alike.

Tsubomi no Sakura

Wear your school uniform and head on below to grab a copy of their latest single:

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That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!