uijin run towards a shaky camera in the MV for “ignition”

uijin ignition

uijin run towards a shaky camera in the MV for their new single titled ignition.

Out April 30th, the single will be a double a-side single alongside bl∞ming days.

uijin has been quiet lately, but thankfully their breaking that silence with an MV for their latest single. Do we get the same intense action from their previous MVs? What about those sweet beats that they’re known for?

Well, kinda.

Kicking us off, we get a variety of scenes of the members as they run towards a camera. This is our main shot, with the only variety in the scenes being a variety of filters and movement added to the shots.

It’s a bit hard to look at for long, but some concert scenes are added along with an interview of the members regarding their upcoming one-man live. Those extra scenes are a bit random but they are a nice addition to give our eyes some rest.

So, the MV isn’t as intense as we would have liked but the true jewel of this release is the song. ignition has an intense beat that is packed to the brim with powerful instrumentals and vocals. It’s a bit too powerful at times, but ignition carries the same intensity that we love from uijin.

Get ready for an (almost) intense experience from uijin!


uijin ignition blooming days cover

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