i☆Ris do cute magic in the MV for “Ultimate☆MAGIC”

iris ultimate magic

i☆Ris do cute magic in the MV for their 18th single titled Ultimate☆MAGIC.

Out May 22nd, the song will be the OP theme for the anime Kenja no Mago.

Idols and anime go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. It’s a combination that can do no wrong, and we get to see the perfect example of that with i☆Ris’s latest single.

In it, we see the members of i☆Ris as they go around and do a variety of cute magic tricks that seem to be taken straight out of an anime. They try flying on brooms, they make spells, and they go around singing at the camera with a smile in what appears to be an old fashioned library.

It’s the perfect setting for the song, since it has a sound that matches what you would expect to hear from an anime about magic. It’s lively, and has a happy-go-lucky feel to it that is hard to not enjoy. It’s a release that might feel overdone but fans of idol music are sure to feel home.

There are no links to buy the single yet, but I encourage everyone who liked the MV to give it a like to show your support!


iris ultimate magic cover limited a
Limited A

iris ultimate magic cover limited b
Limited B

iris ultimate magic cover regular

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