ONEPIXCEL get funky in a forest for their “Final Call” MV

onepixcel final call

ONEPIXCEL get funky in a forest in the MV for their 4th single titled Final Call.

Out May 22nd, the single will be released in 1 edition.

After strutting their stuff in the MV for Girl’s Don’t Cry, ONEPIXCEL are taking us out to nature for their latest single. So, what do we get to enjoy for this release? Dancing. A whole lot of dancing out in a forest.

Most of the MV takes place on a Jeep, where the members sing to the camera. It’s a pretty standard shot and not too exciting, but there are a variety of other scenes that take place in a forest. The addition of the fog machine adds a unique look to the scenes, giving them a mysterious look that works well to match the mature tone of the song.

Speaking of the song, it’s among the catchiest I’ve heard from ONEPIXCEL. The instrumental is packed with jazz influences, making for the perfect backdrop as we get to see the member dance. The beat is catchy and matches the tone of the vocals perfectly, making for an entertaining package for fans to enjoy

Grab your best outdoors gear and get ready to jam out with ONEPIXCEL!

Final Call

onepixcel final call cover

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