Kanae Yoshii leaves 9nine and the entertainment business

9nine kanae yoshii

Kanae Yoshii has announced that she has left 9nine and the entertainment business.

According to the official announcement, she wishes to continue singing but her heart doesn’t follow that same passion. She mentions how 9nine’s hiatus made her think about other things in life, which eventually made her want to find a new path in life.

9nine has been on hiatus since April 6th, with no date set for their return. Her departure leaves only 3 members in the lineup: Sayaka Nishiwaki, Uki Satake, and Hirona Murata.

This is rather unfortunate news for 9nine fans since we hadn’t heard much since the hiatus a month ago. However, the purpose of the hiatus is to give them a chance to rethink their lives and see where they go from here so it’s good to see a member give closure to fans who are anxiously awaiting to hear more about their future plans.

Thankfully, Kanae will not simply disappear after her departure, since she has set up a new Instagram account for fans to follow her life (linked below). If you want to check in from time to time make sure to follow her since her old account will be deleted at the end of May.

For now, we wish the best of luck to Kanae and hope she finds her passion in life!

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