get covered in colorful plush animals for “Ne♡Ushi♡Tora♡U♡Tatsu♡Mi” idol get covered in colorful plush animals in the MV for Ne♡Ushi♡Tora♡U♡Tatsu♡Mi.

Out May 25th, the track appears to be related to an event and will be released digitally.

After the departure of Nemu, it seems like are not showing signs of slowing down. In fact, they’ve actually sped things up with their latest release that comes in the form of an MV for a new song titled after the Japanese zodiac symbols.

The bulk of the MV is hard to explain since it’s so random, but the main scene shows off the members singing from a sea of plush animals. It’s a scene that must have been pretty warm to shoot, but one that matches their fluffy outfits perfectly. Add in a scene of them sitting in some school desks and sleeping in a front of a TV to complete the bright and fun MV.

Ne♡Ushi♡Tora♡U♡Tatsu♡Mi is a delight for those who like the fun and hyper songs from The instrumental is bright and colorful, with the vocals being incredibly fast paced. The chorus lines by Pinky and Eimi are particularly intense, with lines that will be fun to hear live due to how complex they are. This a true song, so those who wanted a bright and colorful way to end the week are in luck.

No links are available to grab the song yet. There are mentions of the song making it to streaming platforms so I’ll update the post when those come out. For now, we can at least enjoy the MV here so get ready for a dive into the colorful world of!

Ne♡Ushi♡Tora♡U♡Tatsu♡Mi ne ushi tora tatsu mi cover

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