Minna no Kodomo-chan have people punch bloody bags in the MV for “The Walls”

minna no kodomo-chan

Minna no Kodomo-chan have people punch bloody bags in the MV for The Walls.

Out now, the track is part of a single that is available on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Minna no Kodomo-chan have been a bit quiet lately, but they’re back with a rather interesting release that is sure to please your earbuds and unsettle your stomach. Fair warning for those who are easily disgusted, this MV is going to get intense.

The majority of the MV focuses on an unsettling scene where we get to see two colored bags swinging in the middle of an empty room. That alone is somewhat creepy, but the additional scenes of a group of people dressed in all white punching the bags until they burst is a bit … off putting, mostly because of what pours out when they puncture them.

The Walls has an upbeat rock feel to it, combined with vocals that we know and love which help round out the song in a unique way. The guitars are heavy and that beat is intense, which matches the scenes we see. It’s a pretty enjoyable song if you are a fan of the harder side of idol music.

This creepy single is a delightful surprise from Minna no Kodomo-chan, so make sure to check it this rather weird/creepy MV!

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