BiSH jump from scene to scene in the MV for “MORE THAN LiKE”

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BiSH jump from scene to scene in the MV for MORE THAN LiKE .

Out July 3rd, the track is part of their 3rd album titled CARROTS and STiCKS.

BiSH has been promoting their latest album heavily since it was announced. We got to see them going through pure chaos “Tsuinishi”remembering the good times for “I am me.”, and also dancing in a red desert for “DISTANCE”. But, with the album out in the wild it’s only natural to get one more MV to convince those on the fence about getting it.

This time we get an MV that is deceptively awesome. It starts off as a simple split screen MV with the members singing from small bars in different locations. But, soon they start jumping from scene to scene flawlessly as they sing, making for some entertaining scenes as they interact with each other. Did Watanabe learn how to break time and space or was it simply really good editing? We will never know.

MORE THAN LiKE is a BiSH song through and through. It has some ballad vocals in there but the song has a heavy instrumental thrown in, which is done flawlessly. Out of all of the songs we’ve heard so far this is the one that represents BiSH the best, and I’m confident everyone is sure to love it.

Get ready for an amazing MV from BiSH!


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